Yearbook 2020: Celebrating a Year of Innovation

Despite the obstacles presented by COVID-19, this virtual yearbook and all the activities contained within its pages, is a testament to the passion, commitment, and resilience of the staff and students who refused to be held back by the challenges of the pandemic. It is a documentation in a year of the life of empowered and motivated students who achieved success through their education supported by their mentors and family.
Special thanks to Ms. Diana Haddad, Jason Taylor (G11), and Mr. David Bryan for helping us document this academic year through your wonderful photographs. As well as to Mr. Colin Powell for helping us proofread this yearbook.
Ultimately, to Ms. Helen Jeffery, who had been an amazing addition to the committee, helped us retrieve the essential information, kept us moving forward, and provided us with an extra pair of eyes to spot those typos!

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Look back to our amazing year!