Yearbook 2022: A Year of Aspiration for a Better Future

ISL Qatar strives to be a learning community where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and can become the best version of themselves. As the world begins transitioning from the acute phase of the pandemic into something resembling an endemic phase, we can reflect on what we deem most important as individuals and as a community. We get to grapple with questions such as, “What do we cherish most, what should we keep doing, what do we need to begin to do differently, and what should we stop doing?” Based my discussions with family, friends, and the ISL Qatar community, I know that getting back to being a community of connected human beings is on top of everyone’s list. I am proud of how ISL Qatar students, staff and parents have pulled together and supported one another, and now, we are aspiring towards an even better future.

This 2021-22 yearbook is a celebration of our community. In its pages, you will observe tremendous transformations including: • a range of learning formats and activities: hybrid, online and in-person learning; • young people who have grown physically, emotionally, and academically; • and classroom learning communities who have intentionally developed time, space, and group identities to ensure that everyone belongs. Thank you for being a welcoming community and thank you for being a part of these special memories.