The ECAs allow the students participate in rich opportunities for academic, sporting, artistic and community endeavour to enhance their overall development. This includes a wide variety of after school sports and clubs and global community action experiences. 

Joe Toler, Director of Athletics & Activities

Internal Activities 

The majority of our ECAs are staff-led and give students the opportunity to meet new friends and teachers in a relaxed environment. ISL Qatar’s ECA program is open for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. In general, these are organized on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays, directly after school finishes till 15:30 p.m. As we continue our sport program, practices for older students may go beyond this time or scheduled at an alternative time. 

External Activities 

ISL Qatar also invites fully accredited organizations to run activities. With these activities there is a termly fee to be paid before the activity starts. Most of these paid activities are only open for the Primary grade levels. 

NEW ECA dates:

Season I: September 10 – November 10  

Season II: November 12 – February 28 

Season III: March 17 – May 24 

Depending on the age group and levels, some ending dates may vary and will be communicated closer to the affected dates.  

ISL Qatar also invites fully accredited organizations to run activities. With these external activities there is a termly fee. External activities are organized in the spaces and timings that are available.  

ISL Qatar is using a digital platform for the ECAs with a program called SchoolsBuddy. Registrations and payments for the ECAs are done online. An activation link will be sent out to new parents for a one-time registration. 

All ECAs and Athletic team sign-ups will be posted on SchoolsBuddy.  


  • The activities are limited to specific grades/ages and we accept students in a first come first served basis. 
  • ECAs vary from term to term. 
  • Kindly note there will be no school buses running after the ECAs finish. 

For queries concerning the ECAs, please contact Rowena Geraldizo (