Occupational Therapy

The International School of London (ISL) Qatar offers a program of Occupational Therapy to support our students to fully access and be successful in the learning environment. 
The main goal is to enable the student to actively engage in learning, participate in all aspects of school life and ultimately, achieve his/her potential. Using meaningful activities (occupations ) the occupational therapist helps students to participate in what they need and/or request in order to promote physical and mental health and well-being. 
Through a Sensory Integration and Neuromuscular approach, the OT service provides:
  • consultation with teacher and parents about how children typically develop perceptual-motor skills and how to promote this development in the classroom and at home
  • adaptation and modification of the classroom environment
  • evaluation of fine/gross motor, oral, and  visuo-perceptual skills,
  • an analysis of the student’s  sensory profile 
  • tailored home program to aid the students in the therapy process
  • individual OT sessions to develop or improve the skills required to participate successfully in daily/academic activities

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Our Team

Andrea Zappala

Andrea is a passionate Occupational Therapist who uses her favourite occupation “play” to make a positive and lifelong impact in the lives of the students that she works with. She earned her bachelor degree in Argentina, where she worked in mental health for 10 years, providing support to people with special needs. Later on, she travelled to Australia, where she expanded her studies on social work and worked in the community. In Qatar, she works in a school environment. Using a Sensory Integration and neuro-development approach, Andrea helps students to overcome their emotional-social, academic and daily living challenges.