Mission and Values


At ISL Qatar, we believe in our students' ability to build a bright future, and that our purpose for being here should guide everything that we do.


We are committed to developing a passion for life and learning that leads to the betterment of the world in which we live.


We aim to foster creativity, empathy, integrity and resilience, founded on respect for self, for others and for the environment.


We strive to maintain a diverse community of learners that promotes, nurtures and celebrates individual growth, talent and mastery within a culture of collaboration.

Core Values

The core values at the International School of London are: Diversity, Understanding, Identity and Passion.

The ISL education philosophy is based on the following core values and applies to our students, teaching and administrative staff:

  • A commitment to the acquisition of knowledge and the achievement of personal potential.
  • The pursuit of excellence in all areas of activity and effort.
  • Respect of self and others including the recognition of the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Social and civic responsibility which seeks to explore and promote the common good and values, social justice, cultural diversity and the emotional and physical wellbeing of others.
  • Concern and respect for the natural and cultural environment.
  • Treating all members of the community with respect, honesty and integrity.