English As an Additional Language (EAL)

ISL Qatar offers a research-based, highly effective English As an Additional Language (EAL) programme for students who are new to learning in English or continue to need English language support. At ISL Qatar the language of instruction is English, and each student needs to become a proficient user of English in order to access the curriculum.
All ISL Qatar teachers are considered language teachers, regardless of subject area, this enables students to be supported throughout the curriculum in their language development. In addition there is a comprehensive EAL programme to support learners who have had less exposure to English, or who speak English as a second, third or even fourth language. The programme aims to equip students with the skills in English to enable them to function to their potential in an English medium school. 
The EAL department uses a range of assessments to determine placement in and exit from the EAL programme. Students placed in the EAL programme receive both in-class and out-of-class support from the EAL teacher on a regular basis. The EAL teacher works closely with the homeroom and single subject teachers to plan the units. In-class language support ensures that EAL students have equal access to the curriculum and are active participants in the homeroom class. During the EAL classes, language is taught in the meaningful context of the PYP/MYP units of inquiry to reinforce knowledge and skills required for the school programme.

EAL Department

Samir Valiyev

EAL Leader of Learning

Rebecca Garland

Primary EAL Teacher

Yeliz Ȕnal

Secondary EAL Teacher

Arlam Said

Shared EAL Learning Assistant