Secondary English Language Support (ELS)

In ELS classes, students focus on improving the four English language skills i.e., speaking, listening, reading and writing, so that they may access the curriculum fully. This is achieved through such ATL skills as self-management, communication, research, thinking and social. Students placed in the ELS programme, receive in-class support where the ELS teachers work alongside class teachers to plan, teach and assess the continued understanding of each subject within the MYP. Students also receive specialized out-of-class support from the ELS teachers on a regular basis. These lessons include content that is language-focused and vocabulary-rich, with focus on language-heavy subjects such as Science, and Individuals and Societies, enabling students to access all curriculum areas and develop their confidence. At ISL Qatar, we blend the school’s curriculum continuum with English language proficiency standards set by the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium.

With the aim of developing 21st-century skills, students are taught to use a variety of online language learning tools such as Newsela, Flocabulary and Quizlet. Examples of events and projects include the Students as Teachers, where students use their communication and presentation skills in order to improve their knowledge of English, and the EAL/ELS Magazine, a student-directed project where students share their creativity and language-learning experiences with the whole school community.

For more details, please see below the diagram outlining the Secondary ELS Multi-tier Model.

ELS Multi-tier Model

ELS Team

Ellen Hoogendoorn
Secondary ELS Teacher

Washiela Casper
Secondary ELS Teacher

Arlam Said
Shared EAL/ELS Learning Assistant

Samir Valiyev
EAL/ELS Leader of Learning