The International School of London (ISL) Qatar has a team of Social Emotional Psychological Wellbeing Counsellors to support all grades from EC to Grade 12. Parents may also benefit from a collaborative working approach with access to regular parent training courses and family support.

Open-ended Counselling sessions can take place over 6 to 12 sessions or for a longer period, depending on the needs of the child or young person. The sessions are held virtually during school hours and are held in an age appropriate dedicated private space. 

The essence of counselling is that a relationship of trust and respect is established.


What to Expect?

  • Grade 6 to 12 students may self refer, through booking an appointment with the Secondary School Counsellor, or be referred to the counsellor by parent and staff.
  • A verbal age appropriate and Gillick Fraisier competence assessed counselling contract is agreed to determine what will be covered in sessions; including the boundaries of confidentiality.
  • Students are encouraged to talk about feelings, thoughts and behaviours that they feel they cannot normally share with others or problem-solve by themselves.
  • Utilising core skills, the counsellor actively listens to those concerns. 

  • The issues are explored without biases, helping students towards a deeper understanding of their concerns.

  • Inconsistencies in what students say or do are challenged in a transparent manner supporting them to make decisions and choices regarding the possible ways forward. 

  • When appropriate the Counsellor may liaise with other staff or agencies and with agreement with the family, other internal support such as, Educational Psychologist, Occupational Health and local community mental health teams etc.

  • Students work toward agreed targets.  

  • As well as individual therapy sessions on occasion, students may be invited to undertake group support.

  • All our Counsellors are highly qualified registered practitioners who attend regular professional development and regularly review their practice through external professional supervision. 

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