A warm welcome to ISL Qatar 

It gives me much pleasure to welcome you to one of the most vibrant international learning environments in the world.  

ISL Qatar professional community is composed of forwarding thinking minds, who are passionate about learning and are employing innovative approaches to teaching – yet with the driving goal of promoting inclusion, meeting the needs of all students and personalising education.  

Over the last 10 years, ISL Qatar has established itself as the leading International Baccalaureate (IB) school in the region and has rightfully earned the respect of both the local and regional parental community as it continues to develop as a genuine caring educational institution. 

With a strong reputation among our professional community, I am aware I am leading an international school that holds global recognition,  and attracts the attention of researchers at the forefront of education and highly competent teachers and of parents who seek a blend of academic challenge with modern approaches to learning.  

ISL Qatar core values remain at the centre of our culturally diverse community; we are a truly international, multicultural and multilingual community. I love the fact that no nationality and no language dominate conversations, teaching, learning or decisions – all cultural perspectives are equally respected, and we learn together from plural and colourful spectrum of opinions and views. This is what I had learned when I first joined ISL, and it is the reason why I continue to be so passionate about the ISL mission.  

Underpinning this educational project is the provision of our mother tongue programme. ISL pioneered the integration of the mother tongue in the main curriculum over 20 years. Today there is overwhelming research evidence that supports our philosophy of nurturing students cultural and linguistic identities. 

ISL Qatar is proud to observe the highest academic standards through the offering of the IB Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes and holding prestigious international accreditations with CIS and NEASC as well as membership with a wide range of well-established associations including AIE and ECIS. This supporting structure, combined with a curriculum of global outlook ensures our students realise their academic aspirations, fulfil their potential and become active global citizens prepared for life at leading universities around the world.   

I hope you will enjoy browsing the website just as much as we have enjoyed constructing it and collating the evidence of the vibrant atmosphere of the school.   

Dr. Sergio Pawel
Head of School