What To Expect When You Join Us

At ISL Qatar we value each student as an individual, creating a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates and nurtures all cultures in a lively international community. Each child is welcomed into the school in their own language and follows a personalised learning plan based on their own skills, goals and background.

"In our case, we wanted an IB curriculum school for our children as my husband studied under such curriculum and we feel it will  help them become better professionals and worldwide citizens.

Being expats, it is key for us that out children are able to study pretty much anywhere,  so the global acceptance of the IB diploma is key. We have always wanted to give our children the chance to be able to settle anywhere in the world and we believe the IB curriculum nurtures them to be global citizens and leaders.

At the school, students are encouraged to take a more proactive approach to learning as the lessons are taught through them asking questions and putting in practice what is learned, which we believe is much more efficient and effective than just sitting back and listening to the lessons in a more traditional way.

The school is helping us to ensure that our children enjoy learning and value its process, so that they grow up to be very good human beings and become international citizens who are prepared to make positive changes to the world."

Monica Barreto, Parent

Our teachers pride themselves on knowing the students as individuals, although the size of the school means we’re all part of a vibrant and active international community. Our mother tongue programme ensures the students continue to thrive in their own language, while a range of additional languages are also offered within our positive and wide-ranging learning environment.